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Our web platform offers secure high-speed uploading, alignment and variant detection of both DNA and RNA sequencing data for research use. After your data is uploaded, all it takes is a few simple steps to annotate and process all of your sequencing data into patient-specific reports that identify key alterations that are likely driving tumorgenesis.

Your data will be stored in our secure datacenter and is easily accessed through our web analysis and visualization platform. Collaborate with other researchers on the web to securely share your data. Our platform aggregates and summarizes your data securely and anonymously to provide you with a powerful analytical background for new samples.

Get Started
Industry-standard alignment pipelines to quickly process incoming data (RNA & DNA).
Tumor-Normal Comparison
Contraster technology offers comprehensive detection of alterations in the tumor.
Data Visualization
Power web-based visualization and analysis tools means you can always access your data.

For a limited time, we're offering this research platform for free to commercial users as well.