Five3 Genomics


Genome Differentiation

Accurately assessing the state of a patient's genome is one of the most powerful tools in the emerging field of personalized medicine. Let Five3 Genomics apply its leading genomic analyses to rapidly discover variants in a patient's raw genomics data using sequencing and chip-based technologies.

We annotate all variants against a knowledge database comprising all known and probable disease-associated genes to rank the genomic alterations that have the highest clinical relevance. When applied to cancer tumor/normal samples, our analysis is capable of quickly identifying genomic alterations that could lead to tumorigenesis for a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches.

Mutation & SNP Discovery
Highly-accurate Bayesian approach to identify germline and somatic variants.
Variant Annotation
Identify variants causing alterations in proteins and if they've been seen before in other cancers.
Structural Variants
Find rearrangements causing fusions or explain copy number alterations.

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